High quality products

Respect for the environment

Ars Industries Quality & Environment Policy

Ars Industries has set itself the goal of being a reliable and essential partner in the field of rail fastening and construction.

To achieve this objective, the strategy led by Ars Industries is to place our customers at the center of our organization.

Ars Industries is committed:

  • To satisfy and retain its customers by respecting their expressed or implied requirements by improving productivity, reducing the costs of non-compliance, making its facilities and tool inventories more reliable.
  • To guide and develop the know-how and skills of its staff by informing and training staff in order to anticipate the present or future needs of our customers.
  • To preserve and promote the players in its activities by developing a partnership of trust with relevant interested parties such as employees, suppliers, shareholders, organizations, the neighborhood.
  • To reduce the impacts generated by its internal and external activities by organizing them, making them more reliable in compliance with regulations, optimizing transport, preserving natural resources and preventing pollution risks.

We have a highly equipped internal control laboratory that allows us to guarantee the quality of our products.

List of laboratory equipment:

  • Traction test machine
  • Impact pendulum
  • Hardness machine
  • Microscope
  • Profile projector
  • Thickness measurer
  • Measuring instruments (foot-to-slide, depth, micrometer…)
  • Control stamps 
  • Measuring column

All of these measurement methods are regularly monitored in our metrology laboratory.

Hardness machine

Measuring column

Traction test machine