Application areas :

The Wood-Concrete Connector Process B/B is intended for the mechanical linkage of a concrete compression slab to a recessed joist or wooden master beam for:

  • New buildings
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of old buildings


  • This technique preserves the aesthetics of old floors to be reinforced or to use in new ones a healthy and renewable material such as wood with the advantages of a rough concrete level.
  • The B / B Process Wood – Concrete Connectors materialize an invisible, narrow and durable connection of the wooden floor to the thin concrete slab. Their use makes it possible to make the most of each material: concrete works in compression and wood in tension.
  • The increasing tightness imposed by the particular geometric design of the net increases security thanks to the indessibility and tightness of the connection. The ability to withstand a combined sliding and tear-off force makes it possible to compensate for a weakness in the section of old timber at the level of the supports.
  • This process guarantees easy installation by simple drilling – screwing, the usual gestures of fellow masons or carpenters.

Range of available models:

Standard models:

  • 26-150 ; 26-170 ; 21-170 for jops
  • 26-250 for master beams

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