Sealing resins

Sealing resin is a dual-component sealing mortar (filled polyester resin + hardener).

Scopes of application:

Our range allows:

  • Sealing of stud bolts in bi-block and monoblock concrete sleepers in factory as well as on track anchor repair work on site
  • Anchoring bolts or cables to rock or concrete
  • Fixing the jaws of crushers and grindgers
  • Fixing railway structures
  • Sealing avalanche barriers
  • Sealing in an underwater environment
  • Wiring sockets
  • Various sealing operations


  • Mortar without shrinkage after polymerization.
  • Adaptable setting time
  • Taken in a humid environment.
  • Very good fluidity ensuring perfect filling of spaces, even the smallest (the distribution of mechanical stresses on the sealed part is thus uniform).
  • Preparation of the mortar in its original packaging, at room temperature, using a simple agitator mounted on an electric drill.